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These rules will remain in effect for the duration of the 2023 Young Life Fishing Derby, presented by Young Life. Interpretation of these rules will be left exclusively to the Tournament Director. In the event of a rule violation, the Tournament Director may impose such sanctions, as he deems appropriate including, and without limitation, disqualifications, forfeiture of prizes and prohibition from participation in subsequent tournaments. Decisions of the Tournament Director are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal or review by any court of law. Young Life Fishing Derby Tournament Officials reserve the right to make needed changes to these rules in order to ensure the safety and welfare of registered anglers and/or the public. Any rule changes will immediately supersede all previously published copies of rules. It is each registered angler’s responsibility to read and understand the following rules and how he/she may be affected by not complying with them. One individual per boat will be required to sign these official rules at the Captains Meeting.


1. ENTRY FEES AND PAYMENTS: An Entry Fee of $200 per boat. All entry fees are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS. The Captain must be registered before or during the Captains meeting. If necessary, the Captain will determine how to distribute the winning funds as he sees fit.

2. CAPTAINS MEETING/ WEIGH IN- Captains meeting is at Beaufort Boat and Dock Supply (1734 Ribaut Rd. Port Royal, SC 29935) on Friday October 20th  at 6:00 PM. At least ONE individual from your boat must attend the tournament meeting in order to fish the tournament. It is the responsibility of each participant to understand all information presented and discussed at the tournament meeting. The Young Life Fishing Derby tournament will begin directly the following day on Saturday October 21th at 6:00 AM. Weigh in is at the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club from 3:00 - 5:00 PM. The Awards ceremony is immediately following the weigh in at the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club.

3. FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL LAWS: All competitors are expected to obey all applicable federal, state, and local regulations and laws. Violation of such rules may result in disqualification from the tournament. Repeated or flagrant violations will result in said competitors being banned from future participation in all SC Lowcountry Tournaments sponsored events. All anglers are required to have a current South Carolina Saltwater fishing license


4. SPORTSMANSHIP: Competitors in the Young Life Fishing Derby are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conversation. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principles may be deemed cause for disqualification. Maximum courtesy must be practiced at all times, especially with regard to boating and angling in the vicinity of non-competitors who may be on tournament waters. Any act of a competitor, which reflects unfavorably upon Beaufort Young Life shall be reason for disqualification. Evidence of chemical substance addiction or abuse, conviction of a felony or other crimes involving moral turpitude, or other conduct reflecting unfavorably upon Young Life’s efforts to promote safety, sportsmanship, and compliance with tournament rules shall be grounds for rejecting any application for participation and for disqualification. Any act noted by Fishing Derby Officials that gives a team or angler an unfair advantage not specifically covered under this set of rules shall be grounds for disqualification. Any violation by an angler deemed intentional or preconceived by the Tournament Director to gain an unfair advantage would be grounds for permanent disqualification.


5. PARTICIPATION AND ELIGIBILITY: Participation in the Young Life Fishing Derby is open to all registered anglers.


6. SAFETY: Safe boating will be observed at all times. Boats are required to carry sufficient U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices for all individuals on board. Although continuous fishing from the start of the Tournament on Saturday October 21th until 4:59 pm is allowed, Tournament Officials reserve the right to shorten or cancel the tournament in the event of unsafe weather or water conditions. The decision to shorten or to cancel will be left totally to the discretion of the Tournament Director. Up to date information will be posted on the tournament website:


7. PERMITTED FISHING METHODS: All Fish must be caught alive in a conventional sporting manner and in public waters. No gigging, nets, dynamite, or guns etc. No mutilated fish allowed. No fishing in ponds, lakes, or impoundments.


8. FISHING LOCATIONS & BOUNDARIES: Competitors must only fish from a motorized boat in any legal location within the boundaries of the Young Life Fishing Derby. This includes from the Charleston Jetties to the Savannah Shipping Channel.


9. TOURNAMENT FISHING TIMEFRAME and CEREMONY - Lines will be in the water no earlier than 7:00 AM Saturday, October 21th. Scales open at 3:00 PM, all fish must be weighed by 4:59 PM. Weigh in location and Awards Ceremony location: Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club. Early weigh-ins will not be accepted.


10. SCORING and SPECIES: All fish must be of legal size. Species: Whiting, Red Drum, Trout, Flounder, Black Drum, and Sheepshead. You will receive a point per pound. Any fish brought in of illegal size will result in disqualification from the tournament.


11. COMMUNICATIONS: A VHF radio is recommended for all tournament vessels. The VHF may be mounted or portable. The use of mobile communication devices such as cellular telephones, marine radios, walkie-talkies, CBs, pagers or any electronic device to can be used for information / communication with our Tournament Director. In case of a medical emergency, contact an emergency response team for help and then a tournament official should be notified.


12. WEATHER: The Young Life Fishing Derby tournament reserves the right to postpone the tournament due to unfishable weather conditions. If all days are cancelled, the tournament director will inform the boat captains and fisherman accordingly. All participation is the responsibility of the Angler/Captain and their discretion for safety.


13. CASH AWARDS: There will be 6 checks awarded to boats that catch the winning fish from the following species: Red Fish, Trout, Flounder, Black Drum, Sheepshead, and Whiting. 1st place per species- $1,000. 2nd place per species- $700. A W-9 form must be completed with a social security number or EIN number and given to Hunter Keyes at the awards banquet and checks will be issued promptly after the conclusion of the tournament. A 1099 form will be issued for all prize money to the person to whom the check is made payable.


14. TIES: Ties- all Fishing Derby categories shall be broken based on earliest time of submission.


15. POLYGRAPH: If the Tournament Director has reason to believe that cheating in the tournament took place- then the Director has the right to perform a polygraph on any angler that must: (1) submit to a polygraph examination at a time and location as determined by the Tournament Director following the end of the competition and (2) abide by its conclusion. Failure to pass the polygraph will result in disqualification.


16. PROTESTS AND REPORTING PROCEDURE: All protests must be submitted in writing along with a $200 cash deposit within 15 minutes of the scale closing to the Tournament Director or designated Tournament Official. The protester also agrees that if there is a question of verifying the charge of a protest, then he or she also may be subject to take a polygraph and agree to testify in a court of law if necessary. If the Tournament Director, or polygraph, upholds the protest, the cash deposit shall be returned to the contestant submitting the protest. Each competitor agrees to report any rule violation to the Tournament Director immediately upon discovery of the violation.

17. WAIVER / DISCLAIMER: It is expressly understood that participants in this tournament enter at their own risk, and that the Young Life Fishing Derby along with SC Lowcountry Fishing Tournaments, Tournament Directors, Staff, Tournament Sponsors, Committees and all other persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of said tournament (collectively “Tournament Hosts”), shall be exempt from any liability whatsoever for libel, slander, loss, damage, negligence, harm, injury or death suffered by any participant, entrant, vessel and equipment, companions and guests, boat captains, mates, crew members, which may occur during or in conjunction with this tournament. The undersigned covenants not to sue the IGFA or the Tournament Hosts for anything relating to or arising directly or indirectly from participation in the tournament and agrees to indemnify the IGFA and the Tournament Hosts from any claims relating to or arising directly or indirectly from participation in the tournament. By signing the official tournament registration form, the boat owner, captain and mate(s), anglers and guests, consent that the tournament may use without payment or restriction, any photographs or video footage in which he or she may appear, for any purpose whatsoever including but not limited to resale, advertising, commercial or promotional material.

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